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Alastair (Norris), the commander of a covert Earth security task force, calls upon super-powered
rookie Jim(Ting) to go on a mission led by battle-hardened Colonel Green(Singer) and his
seasoned marines to track a mysterious energy disturbance at a base in New Mexico suspected
of experimenting on alien technology. When the team encounters an unknown being of not
only extraordinary strength and speed, but the ability to control mindless warriors, the trio
must fight through unstoppable hordes to uncover the truth behind the hostile alien fortress
and prevent humanity’s demise.

Recent Press

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Chuck Norris Returning To Action Movies For The First Time In 11 Years After Expendables 2

Chuck Norris Makes a Trailblazing Comeback in Sci-Fi Action Movie Agent Recon

What to expect

The Agent Saga is an original sci-fi action series of feature films where aliens and humans battle for the fate of humanity. Each film is self contained (meaning you can watch them separately) and continues to build and expand a universe with new rules and concepts that fans can immerse themselves in, while subverting common tropes.


Discover a new world

The Agent saga is loosely based on popular conspiracy theories such as the Annunaki, an ancient alien race, Longyou caves (named the 9th wonder of the world), and the Dulce Base, a believed secret base where aliens are experimented upon. With compelling characters, thrilling action that explores a new but familiar universe, the Agent Saga follows a hero’s journey of an orphan Jim Yung discovering his half human, half alien origins after being exposed to a mysterious red dust called “Ash” that gives him superhuman strength, healing, and reflexes. He’s a unique bridge that allows him to communicate with Aliens through a mind bending information highway of time and space.


More than just movies

Discover the essential benefits of registering, with more exciting features in the works!


Film Education

We're the real deal in making movies getting cast, producing around the world with top crew and post production, we're ready to share the process with you. 


Behind the Scenes Content

We've taken the time to document and talk about the process to give you insights you are curious about whether you are an enthusiast or aspiring filmmaker.

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We're building a group of engaged, supportive, and passionate friends who have fun talking about movies, the process, and where the saga will go.

The Team


We've pioneered in indie filmmaking launching our first film $upercapitalist and being one of the first day and date (theaters and digital) with Warner Bros. in 2012, and have since released 4 features films with Paramount, Hulu, Showtime, and more. More importantly, we've done it across Asia and the US, being active in the writing, filming, post production, delivery, and marketing phases. We're doers with the skills to bridge the gaps where productions can fail.

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